Conceptual Rook Endings return

After a summer with disruption, camps, tournaments, and sunshine, Conceptual Rook Endings will return to the same slot as previously every Sunday at 6 pm London time. We are more than halfway through the course. You can still watch the previous 27 episodes on the website, or start in the middle by following the class live from tomorrow evening.

Meanwhile, tomorrow Jacob will have a practice session on Calculation. If you want to refresh what you know, click here for Fundamentals of Calculation, Basics of Calculation, and Advanced Calculation.

In other news, GM Ivan Sokolov returns to the academy with a 12-hour camp between 22-25 September. More news to follow in the coming days! In the meantime, if you want to take a look at Ivan’s previous camp, you can find the basic recordings here.

Most of you will know Jacob recently published A Matter of Endgame Technique. Although the book is out and already in its 2nd print, he is still interested in the topic and will be doing occasional lessons with the same name for the academy with new material. He was quite happy with his class on Saturday, going over one of the most important games of the Olympiad. You can watch it in Recent Recordings if you are interested.

Meanwhile, Sam Shankland started with six draws in the Sinquefield Rapid and Blitz after three promising positions. The tournament continues tonight!

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Sam, Jacob, and Kallia

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