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Access to all the 17+ hours of Recordings of the Course “Advanced Calculation by GM Jacob Aagaard”

After you buy this product, you will get access to the page https://killerchesstraining.com/my-courses/advanced-calculation-recordings/ where you will find all the recordings of the course and the Visualisation exercises in a pdf file and the bonus class in  Najdorf-Calculation GM Jacob Aagaard made for this course.


The description of this course, as it was written by Jacob:

There are many skills in chess. No one is a master of them all, but few are as important as the ability to be able to calculate variations accurately calmly and quickly.

Welcome to part 2 of the Calculation course. In this course we will look at advanced mental techniques and how to train them on your own. It is not necessary to have watched Basics of Calculation to follow this course, although it will have been beneficial to have done so, or to do so in the future. There will be some thematic overlap, but the positions will be new.

1. The importance of slowing down

2. Options, options and more options – and how far to calculate

3. When to calculate. Learn to spot the signs

4. Combinational vision

5. Resistance

6. Comparison

7. Changing the move order and intermediate moves

8. Prophylaxis

9. Elimination 1

10. Elimination 2

11. Traps, tricks and other things to make us feel uncomfortable

12. Visualization, steppingstones and what else goes on in our head

13. Decision making and where to go from here…


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