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Basics of Calculation in 13+ hours by GM Jacob Aagaard


Over 13 weeks we will go through the foundations of grandmaster level calculation, with lots of practical examples. The 13 lessons will be:


1: What is calculation?
2: System 1 and System 2 and the importance of slowing down
3: The importance of visualisation
4: Finding ideas & candidate moves
5: How to make conclusions
6: Resistance
7: How deep should you go?
8: The importance of focusing on acquiring skill. How to work on your calculation and what to expect.
9: When should you calculate? The difference between candidates and critical moments.
10: Typical mistakes in calculation
11: Examples of poor calculation by great players
12: Revision
13: Looking ahead towards advanced concepts of calculation





1 review for Basics of Calculation – Recordings

  1. Thomas Aristotelis Karagiannis (verified owner)

    I was quite sceptical when I took the cource. After all, not only it’s a video but a recorded one and it’s for begginers.
    I have to say Iwas plesantly surprised.
    Jacob’s approach really stricks to heart. He spends little time in long complex variations and focuses in few concrete lines.
    Secondly, he teaches about what to calculate and what not which is extremly helpful. Additionaly, he covers a lot of subjects, meaning the is something for everyone.
    The only negative thing is that the 1st class is theoritical and –
    (although necessary for begginers) kind of boring, also Mr Aagaard spoke very slowly, I guess he was tired that day. He is much better after that.
    Overall, an excellent cource.

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