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The description of the course, as given by GM Sam Shankland:
Mastering the art of closed structures is a skill that takes a lifetime to master. Any position that stays closed forever will likely end in a draw, but most closed positions are really an open position in disguise. Eventually, a pawn break will be made. Each side has to consider a lot of factors when choosing when and how to change the character of the game. Examples include:
Which pawn break(s) should I be playing for?
My opponent has a pawn break of his own available. Should I be trying to stop his break or execute my own first?
Am I willing to sacrifice material to execute the break? If so, how much?
Do I need to make the break now, or should I build up the position more first?
Furthermore, one of the hardest skills to master in chess is how to switch gears. After playing a closed position for hours and thinking mainly in strategic terms, it can be difficult to suddenly start calculating complex variations that will inevitably arise. This course will help students decide which pawn breaks to make, how to make them, when to make them, and then how to proceed once the position is no longer closed.

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