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With this one month membership for daily live chess training at €149/$175/£130/INR 13,300 you will get:
  • Access to all our live online chess training classes (zoom webinars) by our amazing, world-class training team which includes GM Jacob Aagaard, GM Sam Shankland, GM Alexander Motylev, GM Ivan Cheparinov, GM Iván Salgado López, GM Sabino Brunello, GM Julen Arizmendi, and IM Renier Castellanos. For some free recorded classes and homework club samples, please click here.
  • Access to our library of latest recordings
  • Access to exclusive chess training content that never goes on sale like Homework Club
  • Special discounts for recorded courses and camps (at least 50%)
  • Exclusive Simuls, Playing positions, tournaments, and long play games
  • The friendliest online community with unlimited access to the Forum
  • Weekly personalised feedback with the Homework Club

For one month. With this product, you don’t get access to the Fundamentals course, which is exclusive for yearly members, specially produced for the academy by GM Jacob Aagaard.

Important: Your monthly membership is automatically renewed after 1 Month!
If you do not want this, you can of course cancel easily, at any time, the membership in your profile.

If you have any problems you are welcome to contact us and we will terminate the trial membership for you.
Just don’t leave it for the last minute, to avoid delays.
Please use our email address [email protected]

If you wish to pay with installments for the yearly membership, with a bank transfer, or in a different currency other than euros, please get in touch.

For free recorded classes and homework club samples, please click here.

2 reviews for 1 Month Membership

  1. James Miller (verified owner)

    I’m rather a private person by nature and as such have never written an online review for anything in my life, but I felt the need to make an exception in this case. Just wow! Honestly, I had absolutely no idea what to expect from an online academy but, as a long time reader of various Quality Chess books, I tentatively decided to sign up for a monthly membership and can only wish I’d done so sooner.

    I’m almost 43 years old and, despite a lifelong passion for the game, life circumstances have meant that I never before had the opportunity to study with a chess coach, let alone several. I imagine this is a familiar story for many others and is also another reason why I am so very grateful to Jacob, the trainers/coaches and everyone else here working behind the scenes for making this academy a reality. Not only are the trainers extremely strong players, they are also particularly great at teaching and so are able to help you think about the game in the right way. The mindset and approach you get from this will undoubtedly make a surprisingly big difference to your game if you are willing to put in a little bit of consistent effort. I can tell you that it is no exaggeration for me to say that the past 2 months have been an absolutely incredible experience for me!

    How so? Well, even though I have been completely self taught from books thus far and have managed to slowly amble myself towards a 2400+ rating on some online playing sites (albeit over the course of a few decades?!), I never did come anywhere near close to attaining my full potential. However, this chance to interact with such strong players who are easily able to push me beyond my previous limits (by gently shaking me out of my characteristic laziness and self-imposed comfort zone) has already proven to be a real game changer for me. Not only am I simply enjoying the classes immensely (I now have a class to look forward to each evening after I finish work), but I can already feel myself becoming a stronger player as a result of my active participation here (as the titled players I have beaten since could no doubt begrudgingly attest).

    If you are sitting on the fence but want to finally make that jump in your chess ability, I’d advise you to just go ahead and do it because if my experience is anything to go by then there is no way that you could ever regret your decision. Come join us and get involved, this really is a ‘happy place’ in which to have fun and the supportive community developing here is so invaluable. It may not be advertised as such, but I can tell you that the classes here are filled with awesome people constantly generating some amazing (and/or crazy when I join in 🙂 ) ideas and we are all having an absolute blast as we learn from each other and make progress. I’m genuinely excited to see how far I can go now and it’s already clear that a membership with Killer Chess Training is the best investment I’ve ever made!

  2. Simon Roe (verified owner)

    I’m a FIDE 2200 player, and despite advancing years still with ambition to play competitively regularly and to try to improve. I had been hearing about Killer Chess Training for some while and wondering whether or not to commit. Eventually, I decided to try the 1 month option and then make a decision. Turns out … easy decision – as I have now signed on for the full 1 year membership and really looking forward to continuing the training. The schedule of courses on various topics, presented by GMs, is fantastic, with a lot of original material not available elsewhere, but it’s really the core Homework club, running on a regular weekly cycle, where I think the most benefit lies. It’s hard, for sure, but if students have the time and motivation to complete the work, improvement will surely come. Highly recommended!

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