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If you have ever wondered “How do I improve my chess strategy” or  about “different chess strategies to won a game”, then this camp is for you!
The “4 Key Improvement Strategies” chess camp with GM Julen Arizmendi will provide answers to many important questions that chess players frequently ask, such as:
  • Exploiting Your Advantages
    How can I convert a better pawn structure into a win?
    What are the best practices for utilizing my spatial advantage?
    How do I transform superior piece activity into tangible threats?
  • Defending an Inferior Position/Dealing with Your Opponent’s Advantages
    What are the most effective defensive strategies when facing a positional disadvantage?
    How can I create counterplay when my opponent has the upper hand?
    What are the keys to safeguarding my position without being too passive?
  • Deciding When to Pull the Trigger: Dynamic Play vs Keeping the Tension
    How do I know when to initiate a tactical sequence versus maintaining the position?
    What criteria should I use to decide between launching an attack and building up slowly?
    Can you provide examples of successfully converting dynamic play into a decisive advantage?
  • Sensing Critical Moments
    How can I better recognize key turning points in a game?
    What thought process should I use during these critical moments to ensure the best decision?
    Are there specific signs that indicate a game-changing opportunity?
GM Julen Arizmendi will help you anser these questions in the 4-Key Improvement Chess Strategies, a chess camp being organised by Killer Chess Training. The dates are 23-26 May, starting at 17:00 UK time (09:00 California, 12:00 NY, 18:00 CET). There will be two 15-minute breaks. The camp will offer you a full 12 hours of training.
In the “4 Key Improvement Strategies” chess camp with GM Julen Arizmendi, participants will dive deep into mastering the following themes:
  1. Exploiting Your Advantages: Learn to recognize and capitalize on your positional strengths. Whether it’s a better pawn structure, superior piece placement, or greater activity, GM Arizmendi will teach you to convert these advantages into winning tactics.
  2. Defending an Inferior Position/Dealing with Your Opponent’s Advantages: Discover strategies to fortify your defenses when under pressure. This segment focuses on resilience, finding counterplay opportunities, and reducing the efficacy of your opponent’s strengths.
  3. Deciding When to Pull the Trigger: Dynamic Play vs Keeping the Tension: Balancing when to initiate concrete action and when to maintain the tension can define the game’s outcome. Learn to assess the right moment to strike or transform the game into a favorable endgame.
  4. Sensing Critical Moments: Sharpen your intuition to identify game-changing opportunities. Whether it’s launching an attack, simplifying to an endgame, or making a quiet yet crucial move, recognizing and acting on these pivotal moments can be the difference between victory and defeat.
These themes are crucial for players who are serious about improving their game and climbing the ranks in competitive chess. The camp promises to be an enlightening experience, merging GM Arizmendi’s profound insights with practical, game-based learning.

The price for participating will be €98 for existing members of Killer Chess Training and €247 for everyone else (includes a month’s complimentary membership of killerchesstraining.com).

The camp is free to those who are new yearly members or for existing members who renewed their membership. All other members need to purchace their participation ticket!

Killerchesstraining.com offers daily lessons and about 9-14 lessons each week, on openings, middlegame and endgames, as well as analysis of games and two weekly homework assignments.
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