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Do you want to improve your chess?

Do you want to understand tactics, strategy, calculation, critical moments, endgames and openings but you don’t know where to start?

Do you want to become a better player, but you don’t have much time?

Do you want to train with some of the best trainers in the world, but personal training is expensive?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the right place for you. Live daily classes, with fresh material with some of the best trainers in the world, ready to make chess easy for you to understand.

You put in one hour of training every day for a year and we put in the material, the trainers and the online community that is ready to help. Even if you miss the live class, there is a recording available that gives you the advantage of pausing, putting the positions on the board, and think about them for as long as you need.

But even if you do not have an hour every day, but only have time for a bit of Homework on the weekends, submit in time and you will get personal feedback from GM Jacob Aagaard. Homework Club alone is worth the membership.

With the cost being less than €2/$2/£2/INR 170 per class, what are you waiting for? Sign up now!



Jacob Aagaard


Peak ELO 2542
31 years of training experience

Sam Shankland


Peak ELO 2731
9 years of training experience
US Champion 2018

GM Ivan Cheparinov photograph taken by David Llada

Ivan Cheparinov


Peak ELO 2718
Second for World Champion Veselin Topalov
for 7 years

Alexander Motylev


Peak ELO 2710
17 years of training experience
2015 European Champion
Coach of the Russian National Team

Michael Adams


Peak ELO 2761
Highest ranking: world No. 4
3 times World Championship Candidate

Sabino Brunello


Peak ELO 2617
7 years of training experience

Iván Salgado López


Peak ELO 2651
9 years of of training experience

Renier Castellanos

International Master

Peak ELO 2529, 2 GM norms
20 years of of training experience

Julen Arizmendi


Peak ELO 2580
25 years of training experience

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Homework Club

First, download the homework sheet, work on it and only after you know you are done, watch the video below.


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Fundamentals in Action

IM Reniew Castellanos and GM Jacob Aagaard in the old under 1800 class, now renamed Fundamentals in action


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Positional Play

GM Jacob Aagaard on an hourly class on Positional Play. Press on the arrows to make the video go fullscreen.


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For more free material, visit Your Academy section on My Courses page, or just click here.

our vision on How to succeed in chess

We all know it takes a lot of work, but how and on what? While there are many paths, they all involve expert guidance.
You need a great chess trainer (or more).

A few years ago, access to high-quality daily chess training was accessible only for the rich and the otherwise fortunate.
Now, Killer Chess Training makes this accessible for everyone; we have the best chess trainers at the best price!

For $2/€2 a day, you can attend daily live online chess training with the some of the best chess trainers in the world!
With additional camps, simuls, weekly homework with personalised feedback and more, all you have to bring to the table is enthusiasm!

With super trainers and GMs Shankland, Aagaard, Motylev, Cheparinov, Salgado Lopez, Arizmendi, Brunello, and IM Castellanos and guest appearances by World Elite players (like Boris Gelfand and Vishy Anand) the rest is up to you.


Classes are provided through the ZOOM platform at different times, giving all students a chance to experience some live classes, while other classes can be streamed at your convenience for a limited time afterwards.
Our online chess training sessions are focused on the needs of the members; feedback and surveys are used to constantly improve the service we provide to you.

We have the Courses, where a chess trainer will go deep into a topic over a period of time. As long as the Course has not been concluded, it will be possible to review the previous lessons. Such ongoing courses are Locked Pawn Structures (GM Sam Shankland), What I learned with Topalov (GM Ivan Cheparinov), Understanding Static Elements in Chess (GM Iván Salgado López), Advanced Calculation (GM Jacob Aagaard) and Understanding Weaknesses (GM Julen Arizmendi) for example. Later it will be possible to buy the courses for streaming. Already you can find 19 different course recordings for sale on our shop, the most recent addition is the Technical Rook Endgames course by GM Sam Shankland.
Members will get a considerable discount.

We have Recurring one-off classes with varying themes, such as Killer Openings, Game of the Week, Thinking Aloud and others.
We have Homework Club in two levels, where it is possible to submit weekly homework and get personalised feedback.

Finally, as a new thing, we are building a Fundamentals series making it possible for students to review the basics of chess. This will be supported by classes called Fundamentals in Action, building or adding to this knowledge. For yearly members, the Fundamentals series will be available at all times.




Daily hour long lessons

...uploaded in a mater of hours for watching at your convinience.

Personal feedback

...on weekly homework, on the forum and during the class.
Our trainers are here for you!

Intensive camps

... and In-depth courses for REAL lasting progress

Big membership discounts

...on additional services and products

Join us now and improve your game

Chess Training every day for less than €2/$2 per hour





Our top trainers give many hours of training per month, spread over the whole day to benefit multiple timezones.


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Homework Club


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Frequently Asked Questions

You are not sure yet? No problem! Read the most frequently asked questions or write us a message and we will answer all your questions.

Because you are passionate about chess and want to understand it better and improve your results.

There is a common misconception that the higher the rating, the stronger the trainer. This is not so. Our trainers are experienced in training with decades of experience and many successes. They have assisted with many World Championship matches, been captains for Olympiad teams, produced titled players, written award winning books and accrued lots of experience working with improving players of all levels.

Yes, they have also reached great results in their own right, championships and Olympiad medals. Had high ratings and defeated famous opponents. But the main reason why we feel certain Killer Chess Training, the rebranded 365 Chess Academy, will be the right choice for you, is our trainers’ long and solid experience and the academy’s commitment to constantly improve and provide you with the best learning experience we can create.

We have happy members from 1200 to 2500+. From young players with a little tournament experience to seasoned grandmasters. Obviously, some classes will be challenging for the less experienced members, while others will be progressing a bit slowly seen from the perspective of professionals. But chess is magical in the way that even if you cannot find the best move in a position, it is not difficult to understand why it is the best move, when explained well.

The number one is cost. The second is convenience. Because of technology we are able to have lessons in our home without the need for travel and accommodation. Also, we record the lessons and you can access them later.

While face to face training has a number of advantages and should be preferred if available, most often it is not. Online is not significantly inferior.

Our classes are live and based on interaction between the members and the trainers. While being the sole focus of the trainer’s attention can improve your confidence and sometimes be a shortcut to improvement through special insights, the experience of classroom learning is not significantly inferior. The knowledge conveyed will be the same and the encouragement to learn from the trainers will be the same. In place of the singular attention from the trainer comes the possibility of learning from your fellow student’s questions and experience and the natural camaraderie that arises.

You should add our Google calendar to your account from a PC just by clicking here or here for an ics file, and you will get a notification on your phone 30 minutes before the class and then 5 minutes before the class. We also offer an isc file for outlook users. And of course, we also have a timetable inside out Members’ Lounge as you can see here.

Yes! Head over to the dashboard, and in the Your Academy page, you will find lots of material. Or, click here.

Also, you can visit our YouTube channel.

We accept PayPal, card payments and bank transfers. We love you extra if you pay with a card or with a bank transfer!

If you get a monthly membership and you decide within 7 days  that you want to upgrade to a yearly membership, you get €150 off the yearly membership fee.

Our classes are scheduled over three time zones. We try to provide everyone with a reasonable amount of live classes, but no one will be able to attend all the classes live. However, the recordings are available for 14 days after they have been aired and longer when it comes to the longer courses with narrow topics.

Hardly anyone is able to watch all of the lessons. Pick what is most appealing to you and enjoy it. The overload of classes should not get in the way of your learning experience!

Simple! You go to the Forum and find the relevant course and you ask your question. The trainer, or another member, will get back to you. The idea is that we build a community around the academy, where people are helping each other.

You have to have a membership on, which is free. Once you are there, search for the Killer Chess Training team and become a member.

Also, members of the academy are organising games and tournaments for which you can get more details on the Forum.

Yes, you have a 7 day trial for a sign-up fee of €39. You can buy it here. This product is not available for sale at all times.

If you want to continue after a week, you pay another €739 for the year.

Important: Your membership is automatically renewed after 7 days!
If you do not want this, you can of course cancel the membership in your profile.

If you have any problems you are welcome to contact us and we will terminate the trial membership for you.
Just don’t leave it for the last minute, to avoid delays.
Please use our email address [email protected]

We are too! In order to learn you have to be involved.

Therefore, our teachers are not just conveying information, but asking a lot of questions from the students. We also have a weekly homework club, where you can submit your answers and get feedback in good time before the class and try again.

Reset your password!

If something goes wrong, the fastest way is to contact our Facebook page, so that Kallia will reset your password asap.

Otherwise, you should send us an email using the contact form below, or our email [email protected] or the Feedback and Support section on the Forum.

Check your spam folder and mark the email as safe!

If you cannot find it, the fastest way is to contact our Facebook page, so that Kallia will reset your password asap.

Otherwise, you should send us an email using the contact form below, or our email [email protected] or the Feedback and Support section on the Forum.

Yes, you can! You need to make a bank transfer of €150 and get a monthly membership for €150 for 4 consecutive months.  As soon as you have paid all installments, send us a message to remind us to upgrade you in the Yearly membership. Until all 4 installments are paid, you are not considered a yearly member, so you cannot have access to exclusive content or discounts that come with the yearly membership.

The short answer is no.
However, contact us for payments in GBP. Maybe we can work something out in USD as well, but it is not guaranteed.


You have Questions related to our Academy?
Feel Free to ask!

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