Congratulations Yahli and Kirk for your GM norms!

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The 51st Rilton Cup, held from 27th December 2023 to 5th January 2024, witnessed a remarkable achievement by Yahli, who secured his 3rd GM norm! In this prestigious event, the 11th seed Vitaly Sivuk clinched the top spot with 7.5/9, only half a point ahead of the now-titled Yahli Sokolovsky and Yair Parkhov. This tournament was notable for the struggles faced by many leading seeds and renowned players, highlighting Yahli’s outstanding performance.
Yahli just turned 18 and has been a member of Killer Chess Training for years. Last year he attended a private training camp in Copenhagen with two other members of Killer chess Training.
Yahli and Lucy in Copenhagen
Kirk Ghazarian made his final GM norm last night. Kirk is 17 and joined http://killerchesstraining.com a bit over three years ago rated 2100.
In the photo with Jacob is Var Ghazarian (Kirk’s dad), Kirk, Kallia, Raluca and Renier, in the evening out during the 1st Killer Chess Training Open.
Tell us in the forum where you are playing and don’t forget to submit your games to Julen so that he can analyse them!

Don’t forget to join the playing Position on the 20th of January. If you are not yet a member of the academy’s teams on Lichess, look up how to do it here, or by going to the Your Academy section.

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