News and more news and Killer Homework will be starting 10 minutes earlier from now on

Your trainer Ivan Cheparinov and fellow academy member Hans Niemann played the Grand Swiss in Riga. Ivan has been very busy playing in the last few months and he did not start well in Riga, but sort of recovered with two late wins and made 5/11, minus one, and lost 13 rating points. Hans made 5½, 50%, and won two rating points. He lost only to Aronian and our friend Jeffery Xiong. Hans also participated in the Lindores Abbey blitz yesterday. He was 25th with a +3 score, winning 23 blitz rating points… (yes, we don’t care about those either).
ChessBase India has an article about Mayank. You can read it here. Mayank is not the only strong junior member we have. Ryo and Andy are no. 2 and 3 in the World for kids born 2010 or later.
Other tournaments…
We expect there to be a few of our trainers and members participating in the European Team Championship starting on Saturday. Alexander Motylev is the captain of Russia. Michael Adams is board 2 for England. Ivan Salgado is board 4 for Spain. Sune Berg Hansen is captain for Denmark – and board 5. Tiger Hillarp Persson is board 2 for Sweden. Adam Bremner is board 4 for Scotland – where an 11 year old at 1739 is board 5. Expect surprises! Tarun is board 1 for Ireland, Trisha board 4!
US Masters coming up along with North Carolina Open, with many members participating! Christopher Yoo, Ryo Chen, Jennifer Yu, Doug Eckert, Bryan Xie, Daniel Wiebe, Frederick Rhine, Ryan Amburgy. Robert Fischer will be playing in the Kings Island Open in Ohio this coming week and… did we forget someone? Please let us know in the forum where you are and how your games are going.

Technical problems
Over the last months we have twice had a 504 – error on the website. Which means that the website is overloaded with people logging in. We are happy that our members are active and we will have to find a technical solution so that this does not cause problems, as it did Sunday afternoon.
If meanwhile another technical issue should arise, please go to your inbox and see if there is something from us.
Playing position returns on Saturday
After a break over the autumn, we will have our first playing position on Saturday at 4pm. It will be with 25 minutes +10 seconds per player. You have to apply to join the simul
The evolution of homework club
The consistency of strong players is not surprising. A lot of them are strong because they are consistent. Thus, a lot of players submit more than 50% of killer homework club over a year. If you want to approve, submit to the structure and submit your homework.
It is fine if you only have time to do one page. Do what you can. Start early, try hard.
Classes will be slightly shorter going forward. Friendly starting 4pm and Killer at 4.55pm. Both classes will be about 50 minutes long.
Some people have asked for homework to be uploaded earlier. We uploaded homework for week 57 Sunday and week 58 will be uploaded Friday morning. We will aim to keep this going forward, submitting ourselves to a different structure as well. Just be aware of the date on the homework!
We have added exercise 13 and 14, two bonus exercises, to Killer Homework. These will not be included in the statistics and will be shown quickly at the end of the session.
We will also be changing the recommendation of all the submit exercises 1-6 in Friendly Homework, but please expect short and sharp.
We are getting close to a decent system of providing you guys with material in electronic form. We will be testing with a few members over the next few weeks and hopefully able to roll it out as an option to all. It will cost €10 a year. We are able to get some big discounts, so it includes some other things as well.
The following classes have recently gone to shop and away from the free section:

Opening Trends 2021 with GM Sam Shankland and GM Ivan Salgado Lopez and Piece Collaboration: Modern Play in Chess.

The following classes will soon be transferred to the shop:  Jacob teaches Renier the Endgame and Problem Solving Camp: Elements of Positional Play
If you are a member and want to watch them for free, this is the wake-up call!
Your friends at Killer Chess Training
Kallia, Jacob and Sam

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