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Hello everyone,

The weather is getting colder in the Northern hemisphere, while our friends in the South are preparing for the summer; everyone though is participating in more and more OTB tournaments, trainers and students alike. You must have noticed the changes in the schedule, and we hope you like them!

There are some very interesting discussions on the forum; in one of them Jacob points out that you will always make mistakes. So, looking for some way whereby you will no longer make mistakes, will not work.

Developing a good feeling for chess requires a lot of experience and thought. Many examples, analysis, games played, mistakes made. You cannot understand chess, without possessing great knowledge of it.

Analysing your games deeply and understanding both the practical nature of mistakes and the actual chess on the board is a big part of this work.

Some quick news: Christopher Yoo got his second GM norm, Sam is doing well at Sinquefield 9x, Andre is playing in Portugal, Ivan Cheparinov is playing a lot until November and a Camp on openings is planned for 1-3 October – will tell you the rest soon!

Sabino took a brief break from his tournaments and came back today for a class in the Style of the World Champions and Julen is starting a new course tomorrow; Fundamentals: Weaknesses.
It’s going to be the last class for a while for Jacob teaches Renier the Endgame after this Sunday. And if you are free after the class, feel free to join our Lichess tournament, open to everyone.

Make sure you ever miss a class or an event, by syncing with our Google calendar or by adding our ics file on any other calendar!

Kallia has an upcoming university exam, but she managed to update the shop with a few products. Click here for the Strategic Techniques camp recordings or the Exclusive for Yearly Members Ruy López. Visit the shop to see all our products and don’t forget that yearly members get 50%!

Position of the Week 18 with GM Jacob Aagaard is up!

A Dane with Stockholm syndrome? Apparently, Jacob has been pronouncing his name all wrong in this video. Not daring to watch it, we will leave that up to you. Much improved video quality over the past weeks! No image of Jacob!

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