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In Killer Chess Training we know that every aspect of the game needs to be developed. That is why a Killer Openings class is taking place every week; to help you develop your chess openings.
In one of the cycles of Killer Openings, we took a very close look at the Sicilian Najdorf. You will get the pgn files for each lecture of Killer Openings regarding RuyLopez / Spanish opening. Your instructors for this part are GM Sabino Brunello, and IM Renier Castellanos.
Lectures include the open variation, Open Spanish, Ruy López, Ruy López Archangel, Spanish 3…f5, Marshall, Open Spanish- …Bc5 setup, Approaching the closed main lines, style Zaitsev, Breyer, Chigorin, Neo-Arkhangelsk, and the overview of all lines. You get the pgn files of all these!

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