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Monday the 17th GM Jacob Aagaard was playing in the quarterfinal of the Danish Speed Chess Championship. Jacob qualified for the event, where seven players were invited in advance, for the 8th and final spot. In the first round he played GM Mads Andersen, the defending Danish Champion. In 5+1 he did OK, losing 5-4, after a horrible blunder in an endgame two pawns up.
In 3+1 and 1+1 he picked up a few points and a confirmation that bullet is for the young…
Also in Denmark, IM Jacob Sylvan participated in the first Danish tournament for more than a year (14th-16th May). With two draws and three wins, he shared first place. His best win was against GM Jonas Bjerre in round 2. Jacob won 16 elo points.
See results here.
Coming Events
Shahil Dey told us he is going to Hungary on Thursday to play in tournaments. First in Vezeprezko and then the GM group in the June edition of the First Saturday tournament. Our friend Sam Shankland will play in the Prague Festival in June. GM Navara and other strong players are also playing. 8 players, all-play-all. Later in the summer, Sam will play in the World Cup.
Classes this week
Sabino Brunello is starting a new course: The Style of the World Champions, which is based on a suggestion from the Survey. If you have not yet filled it out, please go to latest recordings and you will find a link to do so. Your opinions and suggestions influence the decisions we make on how to make the academy a better place.
Sam Shankland will be a surprise guest today at Killer Homework. We had a record 23 submissions; his will be the 24th.
Also, Sam will play along in the Playing Position on Saturday. As usual, you have to sign up on our lichess simul team: https://lichess.org/team/killer-chess-training-simul.
Based on strong feedback, we will return with two one hours sessions for u1700 with FM Peter Long. Kallia will reach out to those that participated in the camp to hear about your preferred days, or you can just reply to the newsletter email and tell her. For now, we will do one session on Saturday and one on Sunday. Both sessions will be 3am London time.
Updated homework for the Jacob Teaches Renier the Endgame is available for download from the course page. It was updated with 12 exercises for Sunday (6 friendly, 6 less so) and short prose reminders to the themes we have covered so far in the classes. If you have the chance, do as much as the homework as you want.
New Members Meeting will take place as a ZOOM meeting on Sunday, after Jacob’s class with Renier, at 18:15 UK time. We welcome all members that have questions to join us, so that we can help. You can find some previous meetings in the Your Academy.
We have been challenged
The Greek Chess Academy Sykeon-Neapolis has challenged us to a friendly match on Sunday 23rd. It will take place in the team battle format on lichess. We are seeking players rated between 1500 and 2000 to participate. The timing will be at 13:30 pm London time and will take about 3 hours to play. The time control will be 10m + 5s.
Their academy trainers have requested that we give them a good trashing. This does not mean that Kushal should sign up (so underrated it is not fun), but that you should not hold back at all.
The first 8 to sign up will represent the academy in this epic fight for glory! We still need 6 to sign up, so please do!  Please do not sign up if you are unsure you can make it; and if you find out you have to withdraw, let Kallia know asap (just reply to this email or contact her on the Facebook page) and she will get someone from the waiting list (hopefully there will be one) as a replacement.
We will have a rapid tournament in the morning on Sunday, 9pm London time. Join here: https://lichess.org/swiss/A3Bf8gAy
New forum delayed a bit
The wonderful man helping us putting the new forum together have had to deal with more urgent issues and the update to the site had to be postponed for a bit.
Position of the week will be uploaded on our YouTube channel tomorrow.

Have a good week! All the best from your friends at Killer Chess Training
Kallia, Sam and Jacob

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