New Year, New Plans for Chess Training!

Dear Members of the Killer Chess Training Academy,

2020 has been extremely challenging for everyone. Chess players enjoy the challenge so we are here for you, ready for another year full of the best online Chess training at the best price. We hope that 2021 brings you joy, health, love and happiness, and hopefully, more tournaments for you to show that you have been training instead of playing endless blitz online.

Thank you for completing the survey. Your overall satisfaction with the academy (9.13/10) is giving us inspiration and your comments helped us a lot in planning the new courses. Your messages are heart-warming; thank you for letting us know how much this academy means to you. You mean the world to us as well!

12 Days of Bloody Christmas, our attacking themed training camp with GM Jacob Aagaard will be over by January the 3rd, so make sure you watch the recordings for free before the 17th of January.

The goal for 2021 is for Killer Chess Training to offer classes that are focused on your needs.
A fresh start in January with more than 50 scheduled hours of training for you!

We are, of course, continuing the two courses that started in December, What I learned with Topalov with GM Ivan Cheparinov and Locked Pawn Structures with GM Sam Shankland.

In the past two months, the focus of Killer Openings was the Najdorf variation of the Sicilian Defence. This now culminates in the Najdorf themed week 4-10 January 2021. The Najdorf week will involve two more classes in the Killer Openings course (with GM Sabino Brunello and IM Renier Castellanos), a bonus edition of Advanced Calculation in the Najdorf with GM Jacob Aagaard, a one-off class with GM Alexander Motylev, who will also give a Najdorf-themed simul and finally a rapid tournament on Sunday the 10th January. The winner of the tournament will get as a prize the book Playing the Najdorf by David Vigorito, published by Quality Chess. And that is only the first week of 2021 for Killer Chess Training!

Since so many of you asked for it, a mini-course focused exclusively on understanding how to play the Najdorf, GM Jacob Aagaard will give one, in the Fundamentals in Action series, starting on the 17th of January.

On Monday the 11th of January, a new course is starting with IM Renier Castellanos, on Common mistakes in Chess and How to Avoid them. Also, a new course from GM Sabino Brunello is starting on the 14th of January Positional ideas: Past and Present.

GM Julen Arizmendi is starting his new course on the 6th of January, Thoughts on Chess Dynamics.

GM Iván Salgado López is planning his new personal training course. It will be a full online Chess Training Package: Doctor Salgado – Know Yourself!
In this intimate group, 4 players of similar rating and similar needs get the chance to train privately, learn how to study, and plan their training for the year. Participants in this will get a huge discount if their Killer Chess Training yearly subscription is active for the best part of 2021. Send us an email using the form on the bottom of the page to register your interest.

For anything you need, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always one click away.

See you in the class!

Kallia Kleisarchaki,

PS: This letter was sent out also as an email. If, for some reason, you didn’t receive it, subscribe here.

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