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In the past two months, the focus of the Killer Openings course was the Najdorf variation of the Sicilian Defence. This now culminates in the Najdorf themed week 4-10 January 2021.

The Najdorf week will involve two more classes in the Killer Openings course (with GM Sabino Brunello and IM Renier Castellanos), a bonus edition of Advanced Calculation in the Najdorf with GM Jacob Aagaard, a one-off class with GM Alexander Motylev. 
will also give a Najdorf-themed simul. Register for the simul here and send a message to the account there, with your membership email, so that you will be accepted.
A rapid tournament open to everyone who joins our LiChess team will take place on Sunday the 10th January, with a copy of Playing the Najdorf by David Vigorito as a prize. Join the tournament here. The password is KillerNajdorf.
After massive requests from our members in our latest survey, the Najdorf short course (6 parts) starts with GM Jacob Aagaard, Sunday at 20:00 UK time, as part of the Fundamentals in Action course.
And that is only the first week of 2021 for Killer Chess Training!

Schedule for the Najdorf week - Killer Chess Training

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