Work on YOUR games! Easter 2021
Chess Training Camp

1-5 April 2021

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FAQ about 12 Days of Bloody Christmas Camp

How many lessons will there be?

24 – a total of 30 hours.
Twelve one hour lessons, which are free to attend for members of the killerchesstraining.com academy.
And twelve lessons that are only for the paying campers.


What is the difference between the one hour lesson for members of killerchesstraining.com and the 90 minutes camp lesson afterwards?

In the free-for-all-members Killer Chess Training lesson the principles will be explained with plenty of examples.
In the camp lessons we will go deeper, have more dialogue and look at the participants own games.


If I participate in the camp, how many games do I have to submit?

You don’t HAVE TO submit. But if you want, you can submit 3-5 games. Annotated or not. Jacob will look at them all.
The deadline for submissions is five days before the camp, or if you sign up last minute, three days after you sign up.


When will the playing positions be?

1-2 days before the camp, we will suggest a number of possible times. They will take into consideration the different time zones. There is no limitation for how many playing positions you can participate in. But it does require a lichess.org account that has not been accused of cheating.


What will be the follow-up to the playing positions?

We will organise a time to quickly go through the best play and your attempts at the end of play. A fixed time will make it easier for those who finish early.


What if I cannot make some of the sessions. Does it still make sense to participate?

Yes! You will have access to the videos for at least all of 2021. The lessons will not have to be seen in order to make sense. (although it will be good if you have at least watched the very first lesson)

Actually, we are expecting that few will be able to participate in all the sessions. Most have obligations over the festive period.


The camp seems awfully cheap. I see other camps advertised at many times the price for shorter camps with less well-known trainers. What is the catch?

There are some things that may not work with everyone:
It can be hard for anyone to find two and a half hours a day over the holiday period to attend the classes. Expect this. It is understood in the price.
The class will have players of different level. So far two strong IMs and two players u2000 have signed up. Jacob is sure he will be able to bridge the gap, based on thousands of hours of experience. But at times things will be explained for a bit longer than all would need.
And yes, we are trying to convince our members to stay members and non-members to try out our academy.


Jacob has written three books on attacking chess. How relevant are they to the course?

First of all, let’s make clear that the course is not a reproduction of the books. A few examples from Attacking Manual 1 may be featured in the lessons, where they are best at illustrating a theme, as many have not read the book. The games used in the Academy lessons will be recent games, while the Camp lessons will be mainly based on the participants’ own games.

Secondly, it is not required to have read the books. You may want to read Attacking Manual 1 before or after the camp, in order to go deeper into the themes. As always, the ideas can be explained in 30 seconds, but to learn to apply them takes a lot of investigation and practice.

For those who want to push themselves, Grandmaster Preparation – Attack & Defence offers about 100 hours of training material for after the camp.

Attacking Manual 2 offers additional attacking games and typical scenarios.


How do I get my discount?

You scroll to the bottom of the page and you contact Kallia via the form, or via email to killerchesstraining (a) gmail (dot) com, or via the Facebook page, and she wiil provide you with a coupon code. Or, you can buy the product as is it and Kallia will refund you the difference.

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