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14-22 OCTOBER 2023

The details

The 1st Killer Chess Training Open will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, 14-22 October 2023, at the famed Øbro Skakforening’s premises (Rosenvængets Allé 31, 2100, København). It will be a 9-round Open with a 2100 FIDE Elo requirement at the time of entry for participation (a few wild cards will be given). We have the confirmed participation from 5 GMs.

Notice that we have opened up for players rated 1900-2100, as for those seeking norms, the most important element is to get at least 40 players to participate in the tournament according to new rule changes with FIDE. And we were a bit short of that a month out. Currently, we have 36 players.

If you have any questions, write to [email protected]. GM Jacob Aagaard will get back to you within 1-2 days latest.

Lars Schandorff asked to be allowed to withdraw from the tournament. We accepted and are trying to get some more IMs to play instead.
The entry fee for everyone else will be 1000 dkr. (€135).  (We have decreased the entry fee after financial support and feedback – a few partial refunds will be issued.) We are limited to 50 participants due to space concerns.
It goes without saying that the tournament will be FIDE rated and the time control makes it eligible for title-norms.

Current participants (ratings at the time of registration – P meaning paid):

GM Sabino Brunello 2510 (p)

GM Boris Chatalbashev 2506 (p)

GM Julen Arizmendi 2501 (p)

IM Renier Castellanos 2486 (p)

GM Jonny Hector 2482 (p)

IM Jonas Hacker 2435 (p)

IM Martin Haubro 2386

FM Viktor Haarmark Nielsen 2372

GM Carsten Høi 2323 (p)

FM Mikkel Manosri Jacobsen 2321 (p)

FM Nicolai Kistrup 2319 (p)

Casper Liu 2278 (p)

WIM Raluca Sgircea 2233 (p)

IM Virgilio Vuelban 2230

Alex Cherniack 2173 (p)

Dmytro Perets 2154 (p)

Niels Skou 2149

Jan N. Pedersen 2146

Harry Zheng 2141 (P)
Emil Zander 2138 (p)

Mikkel Loftgaard 2138

NM Simon Roe 2138 (p)

Vitus Bondo Medhus (p)

FM Tim Jaksland 2118 (p)

Daniel Chitsazian 2100 (P)
Christian Eriksson 2100 (p)

Lukas Iskos 2099 (p)
FM Doug Eckert 2090

Adrian Thorsen 2089 (p)

Jeppe Hald Falkesgaard 2068 (p)

Karl Emil Elmer Nielsen-Refs 2065 (p)

Tuomo Halmeenmaki 2054 (p)
Paul Brøndal 2024 (p)
Anton Wehding 1989 (p)

There will be one round per day. The timings will be:

Friday 13th October 18.00-19.00 and Saturday 14th October 13.00-14.00 Registration
Round 1 Saturday 14th October 15.00
Round 2 Sunday 15th October 13.00
Round 3 Monday 16th October 12.00 (so the club can have its club night in the evening)
Round 4-8 Tuesday 17th – Saturday 21st October 13.00
Round 9 Sunday 22nd October 11.00

The guaranteed prize fund is €4650. NONE of the prizes will be shared.

The prizes will thus be:

1. €2000
2. €1000 
3. €750
4. €500 
5. €400 

There will be book vouchers sponsored by Quality Chess for the following places (the books will be sent to your home address after the event – or you can have them in ebooks via chesstempo.com or forwardchess.com, or a mix):

Purchase value:

6. €300
7. €250
8. €200
9. €150
10. €100

1. €500
2. €300
3. €200

No player can win more than one prize.

The entry fee is €135/1000 dkr and you will receive details after you complete your registration in this form: https://forms.gle/D8JLY9NFCoT7ZKWo6

All contact to the organisers should happen through [email protected].

Technical information:

The time control will be 75m for the first 40 moves +30 seconds per move. An additional 30 minutes will be added at move 40.
It will not be possible to agree a draw before move 30
Forcing a draw by three-time repetition before move 30 with White will ruin your tie-breaks!

Your information will only be used for this event and will be deleted afterward.

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