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Killer Chess Training is celebrating the end of 2023 with a bang! Bloody Christmas returns! This year as a 7 day training camp on attacking chess, only on KillerChessTraining.com!

One of the world’s leading chess trainers and most highly respected chess writers – Grandmaster Jacob Aagaard – will be your instructor.

The topics are:

27th Dec – The importance of Momentum

28th Dec – Include all the pieces in the attack

29th Dec – Colour & Size

30th Dec – Attack the weakest square/ attack the strongest square

31st  Dec – Evolution/Revolution

1st  Jan – The King Hunt, King in the Centre and Killzone

2nd Jan – Training your attacking skills and great attacking games

The training will take time between 16.30 and 20.00 London time each day (8:30-12:30 California, 11:30-15:30 New York, 17:30-21:30 CET). There will be two 15-minute breaks. The camp will offer you a full 21 hours of training.

GM Jacob Aagaard was a decent chess player, winning the British Championship in his only try in 2007, but it has been as a writer and trainer he has left his mark.

Jacob has worked with a lot of top 100 players with remarkable results. His students have won 3 Olympic Golds, the World Cup, the Candidates, the US Championship, Continental Championships, and a few things he has been asked not to mention. They have defeated all World Champions for the last 50 years, with the exception of Ding Liren (who is clearly hiding!).

Jacob is the only chess writer to win all the big awards – and will continue to be so, as one of them is discontinued! His latest award was the ECF 2023 Book of the Year for A Matter of Endgame Technique. His recent publications are Endgame Labyrinths, the ultimate book on endgame studies for practical players, and Conceptual Rook Endgames, a book on the mechanics of rook endgames and how to use them to make good practical decisions in non-theoretical endgames.

Killerchesstraining.com offers daily lessons and about 9-11 lessons each week, on openings, middlegame and endgames, as well as analysis of games and two weekly homework assignments.

Price for the camp

The price for participating will be €198 for existing members of Killer Chess Training and €347 for everyone else (includes a month’s complimentary membership of killerchesstraining.com).

The first hour of the camp is open to all members of the Academy. The remaining 3 hours will be exclusive to those who are new yearly members or for existing members who renewed their membership.

1-year membership with Killer Chess Training

With a one-year membership for daily live chess training at €765/$880/£660 you will get from Killer Chess Training:
  • Access to all our live online chess training classes (zoom webinars) by our amazing, world-class training team which includes GM Jacob Aagaard, GM Sam Shankland, GM Alexander Motylev, GM Ivan Cheparinov, GM Iván Salgado López, GM Sabino Brunello, GM Julen Arizmendi, and IM Renier Castellanos. For some free recorded classes and homework club samples, please click here.
  • Access to our library of the latest recordings
  • Access to exclusive chess training content that never goes on sale like Homework Club
  • Special discounts for recorded courses and camps (at least 50%)
  • Exclusive Simuls, Playing positions, tournaments, and long-play games
  • The friendliest online community with unlimited access to the Forum
  • The Fundamentals course, exclusive for yearly members, specially produced for the academy by GM Jacob Aagaard
  • Weekly personalised feedback with the Homework Club
  • Renewal price for your yearly online membership for the best trainers at the best rate
  • A yearly GOLD membership with Chess Tempo where exclusive material from the academy will be available

For one year!

Important: Your membership is automatically renewed after 1 year!
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