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Access to all the 8 hours of Recordings of the Course “What I learned with Topalov with GM Ivan Cheparinov”

Ivan Cheparinov started working with Veselin Topalov at the tender age of 17 and was his close second for over 7 years. He now shares a lot of what he learned from this experience, including some of their opening secrets.
Working closely with Topalov he got to understand his style and mentality and managed to implement it into his own play. In this course you will learn about Topalov’s and Cheparinov’s uncompromising style and how they manage to play for a win in every game, including Topalov’s favourite position topic: the exchange sacrifice

Course details:
Lesson 1 – Uncompromising style
Lesson 2 – Fight for the initiative
Lesson 3 – Exchange Sacrifice Part 1
Lesson 4 – Exchange Sacrifice part 2
Lesson 5 – Opening Preparation Part 1
Lesson 6 – Opening Preparation Part 2
Lesson 7 – Fight till the end
Lesson 8 – Learn from our mistakes


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