The Meran Camp – Recording



Access to 6+ hours of recordings of the camp “The Meran Camp with GM Sam Shankland, GM Alexander Motylev and IM Renier Castellanos”
After you buy this product, you will get access to the page https://killerchesstraining.com/my-courses/the-meran-camp-recordings/, where you will find all the recordings of the course.


The Meran Camp was held in May 2020 and it was focused on the Meran Variation of the Semi-Slav.

IM Renier Castellanos provides a quick overlook of the essential theory in the Meran Variation of the SemiSlav.

GM Sam Shankland provides insight into Typical endgames, structures, and ideas in the Meran Variation, based on his experiences playing it at the top level and writing a hugely successful course.

GM Alexander Motylev presents recent ideas and developments in the opening theory of the Meran Variation of the Semi-Slav.



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