Pawn Sacrifice in the Middlegame



This product gives you access to 8 hours of recordings of the “Pawn Sacrifice in the Middlegame” course with GM Ican Cheparinov.
After you buy this product, you will get access to the page https://killerchesstraining.com/my-courses/pawn-sacrifice-in-the-middlegame-recordings/
GM Ivan Cheparinov returns with another course, planned for 8 sessions. This time on pawn sacrifices in the middlegame. The lessons will look at positional themes as well as specific opening variations.
1. Positional pawn sacrifice. Fight for the initiative!
2. Pawn sacrifice. Direct attack on the king!
3.Pawn sacrifice to take future positional pluses
4.Pawn sacrifice. Open lines!
5.Pawn sacrifice from the opening. Catalan structures Part 1
6. Catalan structures part 2
7. Vienna Opening pawn sacrifice
8. Slav gambit pawn sacrifices


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