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Access to 13+ hours recordings of the Course “Mastering Positional Concepts by GM Alexander Motylev”
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In this 13-hour course, GM Alexander Motylev, the trainer of the Russian team and European Champion will explain chess positional concepts.


◆Lesson 1 & 2: Positional exchange sacrifice. The concept of outpost.

◆Lesson 3: Bishop versus knight. Bishop’s advantage.

◆ Lesson 4: Bishop versus knight. Knight’s advantage.

◆Lesson 5: The power of two bishops.

◆ Lesson 6 & 7: Rooks in the middlegame.

◆Lesson 8 & 9: Rook versus two light pieces.

◆ Lesson 10 & 11: The concept of prophylaxis.

◆Lesson 12 & 13: The principle of two weaknesses.


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