Gambit Weekend Camp – Recordings



This product gives you access to all the 7+ hours of recordings of the “Gambit weekend camp”.
After you buy this product, you will get access to the page https://killerchesstraining.com/gambit-weekend/


Friday 3 December

15:00-16:00 GM Sabino Brunello – Modern Gambits

Saturday 4 December

11:00-12:00 IM Renier Castellanos – Traditional Gambits
15:00-16:30 Michael Jensen & Jakob Aabling-Thomsen – The Exhilirating Elephant Gambit
17:00-19:00 Jakob Aabling-Thomsen – Elephant Gambit Simul – Michael Jensen & GM Jacob Aagaard: live commentary

Sunday 5 December

14:00-15:30 IM Renier Castellanos & Michael Jensen – Morra Gambit talk show
15:45-17:15 Elephant Themed Blitz

17:30-19:45 GM Sam Shankland – Benko Gambit

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