English Middlegame Strategies with Nikolaos Ntirlis




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How to play for an advantage with White?

15-20 years ago, chess players were looking for the best objective ways to get the most out of any position and crush Black.
Today, we know that this is not possible, as all traditional defenses are sound and offer equal chances in the long-term.
A more effective mindset is to try as White to steer the game into positions where we can apply pressure.
From this perspective, the move 1.c4 can give us exactly that.

The English Opening (1.c4) (buy the book from Quality Chess separately here) is an important part of the arsenal of many ambitious chess players.
It offers more possibilities to discover new ideas (the main lines after 1.e4 and 1.d4 seem more and more to be over-analysed these days, but also chances to steer the game to positions where long term factors are more important.
Nikos has been analyzing 1.c4 repertoires for strong GMs since 2014.
He is working now on the final details of a book which will be published by Quality Chess.
In this camp, he will touch upon the most important areas and ideas of this repertoire, that has been tried already by various level of players (up to GMs), but also himself in the tough environment of correspondent chess.

More specifically, he will cover 7 middlegame areas, including:
Sicilian Structure (1.c4 e5 and many other chapters)
Is Symmetry a Problem? (1.c4 c5)
Akiba Rubinstein is Still Relevant (1.c4 c6)
How to Break the Hedgehog? (1.c4 c5)
Pushing the h-pawn (1.c4 Nf6 2.Nf3 g6)
Catalan Bishops (1.c4 e6)
The Stonewall Problem (1.c4 f5)


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