Common Mistakes in Chess and How to avoid them – Recordings



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Course Description​

In this course, we will deal with some of the most frequent mistakes we make in practice, from the opening stage to the endgame. In order to become better, it is essential to master the basics and reduce to a minimum the unforced mistakes we make during a game.

This course is ideal for rated players under 2000, but can also be used as a chance for revision for stronger players.

Opening Play (3 hours)

Violating the Opening Principles.

The king in the centre.

Premature actions.

Middlegame & Endgame: (7 hours)

The wrong exchanges (Minor Pieces)

The exchange of queens (When to agree, when not to)

The right plan. – On which side of the board should you play?

Dangerous pawn moves – Creating weaknesses in our own camp.

Missing the opponent’s idea.

Missing the critical moment.

Hurrying up – Failing to convert winning positions.


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