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Attacking the opponent Effectively investigates the struggle between attacking and defensive resources.
Critical factors covered are king safety, piece activity, dynamics and more.
The material presented is original as mainly drawn from our lecturer GM Sabino Brunello’s own lesser-known games.
An important focus is on how the attacking position was built and on the reasons why an attack is stronger in some circumstances and weaker in others.

Course outline:

Session 1:   13/07/20 Tragedy and glory

Session 2:  12/08/20  King safety

Session 3:  21/08/20 Two disasters and a half

Session 4:  27/08/20 Attacks with a positional foundation

Session 5:  11/09/20 Mating attacks

Session 6:   18/09/20 Positional factors and dynamics

Session 7:   25/09/20 Building up the attack

Session 8:   16/10/20 Mating attacks 2

Session 9:   23/10/20 Sacrifice!

Session 10:  30/10/20 Piece activity

Session 11:  05/11/20  Long term king security

Session 12:  13/11/20 At the brink of both success and disaster

Session 13:  29/11/20 Mating attacks 3


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