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Watch the recordings of GM Sam Shankland’s exciting camp on Attacking Chess for non-attacking players!

Attacking chess is the most loved element of the game by fans, and has been the source of countless articles and brilliancy prizes. Some players naturally have a fantastic feel for the attack and have produced more than their fair share of such brilliancies. But, for every Kasparov, Topalov, Tal, Fischer, or Polgar, there are many Carlsens, Kramniks, Karpovs, Petrosians, Gelfands, and Dings!
Most players do not thrive in attacking positions, and that is fine. All that matters is putting points on the scoreboard, and an endgame grind leading to a victory is just as valuable as a swashbuckling mating attack. Indeed, the second list of players is certainly no less impressive than the first.
But what happens when a player who is not a natural attacker ends up in a position where attacking is clearly the most promising option? Even when we are out of our element, it is important to be able to still play at a reasonably high level.
In this camp, Sam looked with the students at attacking games from players who really are not known for their attacking chess. These games are not wildly common since the deep nature of present opening theory often lets them steer the game closer towards their comfort zones, but we never truly have full control over a chess position. For players who struggle with a natural feel for the initiative, specific thought processes, strategic understanding through knowledge of specific structures and patterns, and accurate calculation are of the utmost importance.

This product consists of 3 hours of recordings; the basic sessions of this camp, as delivered to the members of Killer Chess Training. You do not get access to the recordings of the exclusive part of the camp. After buying this product, you get access to the recordings page https://killerchesstraining.com/attacking-chess-for-non-attacking-players-with-gm-sam-shankland-open-to-all/.


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