Attacking training camp with GM Jacob Aagaard: 12 days of Bloody Christmas 2020 – Recordings



This product gives you access to more than 12 hours of the recordings of the “12 days of Bloody Christmas – An attacking training camp with GM Jacob Aagaard” and the pdf made by Jacob for this camp.
After you buy this product, you will get access to the page https://killerchesstraining.com/attacking-camp-with-gm-jacob-aagaard-2020-12-days-of-bloody-christmas-product/
Exclusive sessions NOT included

This product gives you access to the recordings of the 12 days intensive online chess training with GM Jacob Aagaard, that took place from December 23rd, 2020 till 3rd of January 2021.

The theme of each day follows:

🎯 23rd Dec – Introduction to the course and a discussion of attacking chess in general
🎯 24th Dec – Momentum
🎯 25th Dec – Present all the pieces with a function
🎯 26th Dec – Colours Schemes
🎯 27th Dec – It is not the size (of the present) that matters
🎯 28th Dec – Attack the weakest square
🎯 29th Dec – Attacking the strongest square
🎯 30th Dec – Evolution/Revolution
🎯 31st Dec – Kill zone
🎯 1st Jan – Momentum, momentum
🎯 2nd Jan – Classic attacks
🎯 3rd Jan – Chaos theory


Jacob has written three books on attacking chess. How relevant are they to the course?

First of all, let’s make clear that the course is not a reproduction of the books. A few examples from Attacking Manual 1 may be featured in the lessons, where they are best at illustrating a theme, as many have not read the book. The games used in the Academy lessons will be recent games, while the Camp lessons will be mainly based on the participants’ own games.

Secondly, it is not required to have read the books. You may want to read Attacking Manual 1 before or after the camp, in order to go deeper into the themes. As always, the ideas can be explained in 30 seconds, but to learn to apply them takes a lot of investigation and practice.

For those who want to push themselves, Grandmaster Preparation – Attack & Defence offers about 100 hours of training material for after the camp.

Attacking Manual 2 offers additional attacking games and typical scenarios.


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