1: Basic Calculation Skills Camp​ with GM Jacob Aagaard



Summer Camp I
Basic Calculation Skills with GM Jacob Aagaard
24-28 July
GM Jacob Aagaard
4 hours a day / 20 hours in total
Starting at 09:00 California / 12:00 NY / 17:00 UK time
€198 for members/€347 for non-members

Anyone who is or will be signed up to one or both of the summer camps will receive a complimentary 1-day camp on Tuesday 23rd July, where Boris Gelfand will give 3 hours of instruction on Active/Passive Defence

Do you feel your calculation is without method, focus, direction or reliability? Does it lack a solid foundation and is it hard for you to know when you are working correctly to improve it? Then this camp is for you, whether you are 1400 or 2600 rated. GM Jacob Aagaard will methodically go through the core skills of calculation and how to improve your calculation skills.

Each training day consists of 4 hours of training, 20 hours in total for the week. Time to get your Calculation Skills to a new level!

The price for participating will be €198 for membersof Killer Chess Training and €347 for non-members (includes a month’s complimentary membership of killerchesstraining.com).

The camp is free to those who are new yearly members or for existing members who renewed their membership. All other members need to purchace their participation ticket!

Killerchesstraining.com offers daily lessons and about 9-14 lessons each week, on openings, middlegame and endgames, as well as analysis of games and two weekly homework assignments.

For yearly and monthly members, please log in and you will get this camp at €198.

If you wish to buy or renew a yearly membership, click here and get this camp for free!


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