Pawn Structures Masterclass

Four-day training camp with GM Ivan Sokolov, 22-25 Sep 2022

Join us at Killer Chess Training for a 4 day training camp with one of the best trainers of our time, Grandmaster Ivan Sokolov!

Ivan Sokolov returns to Killer Chess Training for yet another camp on pawn structures by popular demand. Over four days he will go through four different pawn structures and their typical decision. The pawn structures this time will be:


French Winawer

One open file symmetry (Petroff, Berlin)

Sicilian Rossolimo

Sicilian Rauser (…gxf6 structure)


Ivan Sokolov has trained the young Iranian players, including Alireza Firouzja, as well as recently taken the Uzbekistan team to gold in the 2022 Olympiad. His training is multifaceted. One of these is to learn the shortcuts of common decisions in typical pawn structures. Chess is a thinking and problem solving game. The better you understand the problems, the easier they will be to solve. Knowing typical pawn structures and their typical goals and decisions is a big step towards better decision making


The camp will take place 22-25th of September, starting each day at 5pm UK time, with three full hours of training and two small breaks. The first hour is free for all members of Killer Chess Training, while the two additional hours of in-depth training can be purchased separately for €99.


For non-members, the price is €248, which includes a months trial membership of the academy.



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