Summer Homework Club

Summer Homework Club and Instensive Training!

Dear members,

A lot of our trainers are out playing, and hopefully so are you! But for the time you are not, please take this chance to focus on practical improvement.

For the first three weeks of July, we will have seven homework clubs per week!
One for every weekday and the Killer and Friendly homeworks for the weekends!
Renier will mark the Homeworks, if handed in before midnight UK time, and the solutions will be presented the next day.

So, we start today!
Head on to the dedicated page for the Summer Homework Club and download your first tsheet.
The video with the solutions will be uploaded tomorrow.

And don’t forget that for the rest of July we have planned 5 Calculation Training sessions and 2 intense training camps; Grandmaster Training Camp with GM Sam Shankland and Basic Calculation Skills Camp with GM Jacob Aagaard! If you wish to participate in both camps please buy the combined package here.

See you in class!

Your friends from Killer Chess Training

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