GM Renier Castellanos!

GM Renier Castellanos!

Dear members,

We are thrilled to announce that Renier Castellanos has achieved the esteemed title of Grandmaster! Defying conventional expectations, he has proven that it’s never too late to accomplish great feats in chess. His recent accomplishment of securing the final GM norm at the age of 41 is a testament to his unwavering dedication and serves as a profound source of inspiration for all of us.

Emulate Renier’s dedication: commit to your weekly chess homework and keep training!

Don’t miss the opportunity to join us for a special session tomorrow, at 17:30 UK time, where Renier himself will share the story of his remarkable journey to becoming a Grandmaster. We will try to put the class on Youtube live, and if we do, we will send out another newsletter, hoping each and everyone of you will help us by putting it on social media! Speaking of social media, follow us here on Facebook, instagram, twitter.

We know how to train you! If you are ever looking for specific advice on training strategies, resources, or just want to discuss more about chess and its intricacies, feel free to reach out. It’s always great to see the chess community grow and thrive, fueled by stories of dedication like that of Renier’s.

See you in class!
Your friends from Killer Chess Training

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