Andy Woodward beats Magnus!

Dear members,

A few changes are happening in our schedule starting next week and all are caused by the daylight saving time happening this Sunday in Europe!
So, for our Indian friends, make sure you double check next week’s schedule and adjust to the new timings! For our US friends, the schedule will simply return to “normal” 😊
Two classes will have a different starting time for our members in Europe and US! GMs Stany and Swayams usually start at 8:30 AM IST. With the time change, this will now become  04:00 AM UK time.

As you already know, yearly members receive a free upgrade to gold and access to our ebooks on chesstempo. These ebooks include the games and exercises our trainers show in the ongoing courses, as well as opening files that have been covered in past Killer Openings classes. So far, we have a Nimzo-Indian, a Najdorf and a 1.d4 Repertoire.
Chesstempo offers free upgrade to gold to titled users. So, if you are an IM/ GM/ WIM/ WGM, please send an email to [email protected] and ask for the upgrade.

A quick reminder that, after you add us on chesstempo, you have to send us an email/contact us on the facebook page/contact us on the forum and tell us your username. Without this, we cannot accept your request! Right now we have many requests on chesstempo from usernames we don’t know. If this is you, let us know!

In other chess news, Andy beat Magnus! Congratulations, Andy!

Rohit has scored his first IM norm and we hope that this is only the beginning!

Sabino, Raluca and Renier met up this weekend for the rapid Grand Prix in Bucharest.

Alexander Motylev was the best placed Romanian, which means that he is the new Romanian Rapid Champion. Congratulations, Alexander!

A very strong open starts in Menorca next week. Julen, Renier and Raluca and a few other members of the academy will be there.

Both Peter and Prin will play Indonesia GM & IM Individual Tournament 22/4-2/5 in Jakarta

Tiger, Nicolai, and Yahli are playing in Fagerness and Doug in the USA.

We wish everyone the best of luck! Where are you playing? Let us know so that we can cheer for you!

See you in class!
Your friends from Killer Chess Training

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