Congratulations Alexandra Kosteniuk!

Dear members,

We recently had some good results. Some of them we already told you about, some we did not. We have a number of strong players who are members of the academy. We respect them to be private when they want to be. But since Alexandra Kosteniuk thanked us on Twitter, we can proudly say that our member won silver at the World Blitz and won both the European Blitz and the European Rapid Championship two weeks ago.

Jacob will travel to India next week for two training camps in Mumbai. Renier will take over the marking of the Killer Homework meanwhile.

We have the second heat of the Bullet Arena Championship on Saturday. Find the link here.

Notice that you will need to join the team in good time, as the usual admins will be playing classical chess right at the moment of the event.

Your friends at Killer Chess Training

Alexandra Kosteniuk thanks GM JAcob Aagaard and Killer Chess Training
Alexandra Kosteniuk thanks GM Jacob Aagaard and Killer Chess Training

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