Playing Position on Saturday & New Members Meeting on Sunday

Dear members,

This Saturday at 18.00 London time we have a ‘’Playing Position’’ practice class with IM Renier Castellanos on Lichess. To participate, you must be a member of the team Killer Chess Training Simul in Lichess and join the Simul once it is announced. If you are not a member of the team, apply and we will add you. Don’t forget to write your name and email address when sending your join request!

‘’Playing Position’’ is a simul where we start the game from a specific position and the student must try to find the best continuation from there. This week is aimed at our Friendly level. Everyone is welcome to participate, however, the position planned for this week is aimed at our students in the 1200 – 2300 rating.

After all games conclude, Renier will upload a video with all the explanations and different tries that the students played.

Some words of advice:
Be there on time, if you have any problems joining the simul we will be there to help you.
The playing position is a fun experience where the students get a chance to test their skills on a chess scenario chosen by the coach. It is strictly forbidden to use any external help.

We are inviting you to the New Members Meeting this Sunday the 21st of January at 18:00 UK time.
Renier and Raluca will be your hosts.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday and Sunday,
Killer Chess Training

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