Happy New Year!

Dear members,

We have brand new courses starting this month. Check them out!

Advanced Calculation II has finished. As usual, you have 21 days to catch up on any classes you missed.

Pawn Sacrifice in the Middlegame with GM Ivan Cheparinov is returning! Don’t miss out on his class, starting tomorrow!

Aradhya Garg finally crossed 2400 and with 6 IM-norms he made the title. He did so by exploiting a big blunder by our coach GM Tiger Hillarp Persson in the Rilton Cup, Stockholm. See the game here.

Aradhya almost won the blitz tournament there as well, but sadly lost in the last round and finished 4th.

Gift cards
We now offer gift cards in the shop! At the moment, we offer the option of €50, €100, monthly membership, yearly membership.
In 2024 we will have a more structured approach to the classes. The training will be structured in two levels of teaching.
Level 1
These will be the repeatable lessons that will continue throughout the year and for years to come (albeit always with new material). These will include:
Monday – A repertoire class & New Ideas in the Opening
Tuesday – Friendly Homework
Wednesday – Killer Homework
Thursday – Theoretical Endgames & Analyse My Tournament
Friday – Strategy Foundations
Saturday – Practice lesson
Some classes will be well-known and hold no surprises. The homework classes, New Ideas and Analyse My Tournament.
We will aim to build various repertoires over the year and include them all on Chesstempo. We will never be able to meet all your opening needs, but we will try to give you ideas, options, and foundations as we progress.
The theoretical endgame course is likely to run for a long time before everything has been covered. We will give you the material in two different formats on Chesstempo – as a file representing the classes faithfully, and a file structured to help you with repetition training of the endgames. Swayams has agreed to be in charge of this ambitious project.
The practice lessons we have had some of in the past, especially the recent past. They will become more regular in the years to come. We can never escape the central piece of repetition in the development and maintenance of skill. At the academy, we will help you do your training, not just by encouraging you, but also by providing structure for you to lean on.
Later in the year, the strategy will be replaced with the basics of calculation, advanced calculation, and positional play – though not necessarily in that order. 
There will be substitutes, flexibility, regrouping, and all the other things you would expect in an academy where most of the trainers are active players too. However, the core of the academy will be centered around these classes. 
Level 2
At university, many will have the experience of having had classes that most likely have never been taught anywhere else, nor ever will. We had a lot of these and will continue to do so. Having classes working on the basics is foundational, but there also needs to be space for more specialized classes. Currently, we have TRICKY POSITIONS with GM Stany, CHAOS with Tiger Hillarp Persson, HOW I WON THE UKRAINIAN CHAMPIONSHIP, which GM Oleksiyenko is wrapping up at the moment, CONVERTING AN EXTRA PAWN with GM Shankland, which is also coming to an end – and GM Akopian with PLAYING THE ELITE.
Some of these will continue in the new year. Ivan Cheparinov will return with a few classes in PAWN SACRIFICES IN THE MIDDLEGAME and new classes will begin throughout the year.
Tournaments & Events
We have been a bit slow with organizing events in the autumn. This will change in the new year. The first event will be our blitz and bullet championships in January. We will let you know more soon. We will also have some simuls and playing simuls. And in April/May, we will have the rapid championship again.
Students of the year!
We will award two gift cards to the students of the year and the u2100 student of the year. Please email your application and reasoning for this to [email protected] and mark it STUDENT OF THE YEAR. Past winners can win this year too. Results, effort, achievements. The main reason is the reason you give us!

Your friends at Killer Chess Training!

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