Results and new classes!

Dear friends,

In our everlasting journey of improvement and expanding our services,  we started yesterday a new course aimed at under 1500, How to improve my Chess, with WIM Raluca Sgîrcea as the instructor! Read more here.

That brings us to 13 classes this week; 3 for today.

We have one more new class coming, Solving Aloud. Remember that we want you to email us your games/positions for the class at [email protected].

A few results:

Josiah, Andy, Kirk and Tarun played in the Junior World Championship in Mexico. The first three scored about par, while Tarun had a difficult event. The moment of glory was when Andy and Kirk beat the two rating favourites Niemann and Svane in Round 3 on the two top Boards.

In the girls’ section Trisha made it all the way to Board 2 for the final round, but lost to rating favourite Carissa Yip, who took Silver.

In the Indian Girls Championship, Arshiya finished 19th and surpassed 1700 for the first time. In Europe that would be somewhere around 2150-2200, is our estimate. Basically, she would be in contention for the Olympiad team in many European countries, and Board 1 in Denmark and Board 2 in Scotland. For comparison, with 2184, Trisha is already by far the strongest female chess player out of Ireland.

Several of our members are playing the European Club Cup.

Recently Andre was third in the Portuguese Championship.

Michael Adams led the English team to Silver medals at the World over-50 Championship, just behind the big favourites from the United States.

Tell us on the forum where you are playing! We want ot cheer for you!

Your friends at Killer Chess Training,
Kallia, Jacob, and Sam

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