Homework Club changes

Dear friends,

The academy has been active for three years and seven months. We did 37 weeks of the original homework. Then the academy changed its name three years ago and we split the homework into two. This week we are at no. 146 of these, bringing us up to a total of 183 weeks of homework club.

From next week, we will implement some changes to the Homework.
First of all, you are now allowed to submit both Killer and Friendly homework every week and we strongly encourage you to do so!
Jacob will continue to find exercises and create the sheets.
Renier will continue marking for and presenting Friendly Homework, while Jacob will continue to mark Killer Homework.
Sabino will solve the Killer Homework every week and then present the class.

Jacob will aim to have two weekly classes going forward, while Sabino will continue with his course BEAT THE ANIMALS.

We have already moved GM Vladimir Akopian to the evening time for the Americas/morning Asia time/afternoon for Australia and New Zealand, as you voted for it in the forum. We are still running the poll here, if you want to vote also for the day you’d rather have the class.

Sam is taking a small vacation after the World Cup and will soon be back. Check out his camp at the end of the month; An Investigation of Chess Strategy.

Enjoy the week ahead!

Your friends at Killer Chess Training,
Jacob, Kallia, and Sam

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