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First things first: don’t miss GM Swayams in a few hours, continuing his course on Endgames!

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A few results and updates:

GM Vladimir Akopian had his first lesson for the academy on Saturday. He will be back at the weekend. For those too young to remember him well, Akopian was rated 11th in the World, made it to the final of the 1999 World Knock-Out Championship Tournament in Las Vegas (lost 3.5-2.5 to Khalifman), won the Olympiad three times and the World Team Championship once with Armenia and was a dangerous opponent to Kasparov and other top players.

Most important, he is a really nice guy who wants to help and share his immense chess knowledge with you guys. He is also available for private lessons if anyone wants to be taught by a legend, as are most of our coaches (available – and absolute legends…).

Arthur Guo recently joined the academy and made a GM norm in Budapest. Andy Woodward missed by half a point. Other members and ex-members probably prefer if we forget to mention their results.

Bob Fischer won the Senior Championship of Virginia.

Arshiya Das won the Tripura state championship for women (senior) with a perfect 4/4.

Karthik Venkataraman continues to soar, winning 17 rating points in Dubai and one in Sharjah, bringing him up to 2566. Lim Zhuo Ren won 28 in Sharjah Challengers and lost 5 in Dubai (a rounding error away from the expected score). Both played really interesting chess.

Raluca is working on the results of the club championship and we should have them with you soon! She recently got a norm as an international arbiter, so it is in safe hands.

Kallia had her exam yesterday and it was a mess… But it’s over. Maybe having two full times jobs and being a full-time student is not a great idea? So, she will downscale to one full-time job for the next year – You guys!

Alexander was busy playing in Berlin; ended up 4th and won 8 rating points!
Next week Christopher and Sam will play in Prague.

Your friends at Killer Chess Training,
Jacob, Kallia and Sam

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