Norms, championships, tournaments, camps!

A lot to tell, so let’s make it short. (We tried!)

Two GM norms so far this year. More to come no doubt. Kirk and Josiah (pictured on the right side of the photo) each got one so far. Ryan got an IM-norm. Is anyone we have missed?
Use the forum to meet up in tournaments and to let us know how your chess journey is going!

Club Championship

The Club Championship will take place in April-June this year. The format will be different, with six heats and straight to the final in the two categories, Open and u2100. We will publish the heats soon.

Armageddon Championship Series

Oh yes, Sam is playing blitz in Berlin… Watch the game here.

European Championship 2023

Many trainers and members are participating! 3 trainers in one photo, 4 if we count Boris Gelfand who has visited twice. Can you spot them?

April Online Camp

We will attempt to organise a camp in April. We have been busy with end-of-year accounting and other tasks, but we will let you know soon. As usual, anyone who joined or renewed yearly after the latest camp will get the camp for free.

1st Killer Chess Training Open
Killer Chess Training Open is taking shape. It will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, at the famed Øbro Skakforening’s premises.

It will be a 9-round Open with a 2100 requirement for participation. We will invite 6-7 GMs. The entry fee for everyone else will be 1500 dkr. (€200). The maximum will be 64 participants due to space concerns.

There will be one round per day. The timings will be:

Saturday 14th October 15.00
Sunday 15th October 13.00
Monday 16th October 12.00 (so the club can have its club night in the evening)
Tuesday 17th – Saturday 23rd October 13.00
Sunday 24th October 11.00

The circles of entry will be like this:
Firstly, members of the Academy will have a right to enter the tournament.
On the 1st May entry will be opened up for members of Øbro Skakforening and Brønshøj Skakforening as well.
From 15th May everyone with an Elo rating over 2100 will be allowed to enter.
There will be a prize fund. The Academy will sponsor the tournament and we will be significantly out of pocket. We will let you know soon enough what it will be (the prize fund that is).

Jacob and Kallia will be at the tournament. Jacob will manage things, while Kallia will look at games with academy members afterward.

Many of you have been asking about Quality Chess Academy in Crete for September 2023. The reality is that we (Jacob and Kallia) are too tired and have too many things on our plate to organize a perfect experience for every participant and their families. Both times we organized it (November 2018 and May 2019) took a lot of energy and resources. We will try to do it properly in 2024 and meet you all in person!

Lots of Jacob this week!

Whenever you are, we hope you are well and you are having fun!

Your friends at Killer Chess Training,
Sam, Jacob, and Kallia

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