Calculation! and norms

Dear friends,
Today is the beginning of the Sam Shankland Bootcamp on Calculation. A lot of you have chosen to participate, either by purchasing the camp directly or by buying a yearly membership. We have prepared a lot for this camp and although the format is a bit adventurous, our confidence is high that this will be highly beneficial to all participating.
If you are in the US, you can buy a signed copy of Sam’s book Grandmaster Training Camp 1 – Calculation!, which inspired this camp (all the material here is new). Go to https://samshankland.com/#post-408 and scroll down till you find the book. THIS IS ONLY FOR THE US.
If you are participating in the camp, make sure to email your chesstempo account handle to us at [email protected] so we can send you the material in an ebook after the class is over.
If you are not participating, we have a lot of great classes coming your way. If for example, you want to work on your calculation without the extra cost of this camp or book (however much we recommend them), we have two new classes coming soon from Jacob Aagaard: Basic Introduction to Calculation and Advanced Calculation. Although these will go over well-trodden ground, they will be fresh in that they will have entirely new positions. No one would go to the gym for a bootcamp and consider their health permanently fixed, nor is it so with the fitness of the mind. Practice is the path to perfection. Therefore we take another tour around the foundations and specialised thinking techniques of calculation.
Well, almost in the first case. Trisha missed a chance to defeat GM Mamedyarov in the Pro Chess League. One move… But being close is often the prelude to success. Go Trisha!
Ryan Amburgy made his first IM-norm! Congratulations Ryan.
Kirk Ghazarian made his first GM-norm and won the tournament it seems in Rochefort. It also seems that a recent rule change means that the no-show of his opponent in the first round does not hurt his chances for a GM-norm and that he made it! Kirk started in the academy with a high 2100s rating a little over two years ago. The talent and drive were there, with us pointing in a direction, he went for it. Kirk will turn 17 later this year.
We hope you too are having a lot of success! Training works.
All the best from your friends at Killer Chess Training,
Jacob, Kallia, and Sam

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