u2100 playing position and Calculation Bootcamp

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Join GM Jacob Aagaard at 06:00 UK time (22:00 Pacific time, 11:30 Indian time, 18:00 New Zealand time) for a Practice Session on Rook Endgames.
At 18:00 UK time and if you are under 2100 FIDE, join IM Renier Castellanos for a playing position on Lichess.
On Sunday evening, at 20:00 UK time, join GM Sabino Brunello for the Game of the Week!

Next weekend…

Don’t miss out on the chance to train with a top GM!
Calculation Bootcamp with GM Sam Shankland

Beyond the presentation of topics with illustrative examples, the students will have a chance both to solve exercises in advance of each session and to solve during the session, with topics and methodology being discussed. Sam will see these exercises for the first time and will not know the solutions before he and the students will see them together (which is the idea of his book also). Student involvement is what will make this camp special.
The material will be at a spread level, giving challenges to both club players and higher-rated players.
This camp has brand-new, fresh material, different than the Chessable course and the Quality Chess book being published on the 22nd of February!

And don’t forget that the camp is free for those who renew or sign up for a new yearly membership!
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Don’t forget to share on the forum if you are playing somewhere and how your tournaments are going!

Your friends at Killer Chess Training,
Sam, Jacob, and Kallia

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