Chess Camps for 2022: Christmas and New Year

Dear members,

We want to thank each and every one of you for your support!
Thank you for recommending us to your friends, thank you for being great students, and thank you for making this academy your and our happy place!
Thank you for making us happy with your titles, your successes, your feedback, your kind words, and your continuous encouragement to keep going!
We have become financially stable in the past few years and our way of giving back is by adding more classes to the schedule and giving you even more value!
Stay tuned for lots of positive surprises in 2023!

Our plan for a few years has been that as a welcome gift, you get access to the exclusive part of a chess camp.
As you already know, we have a Christmas camp with GM Jacob Aagaard and a New Year Camp with GM Ivan Sokolov.

Instead of having you choose between the two chess camps, we are gifting you access to both camps!
For those of you who renewed your membership or got a new one between now and November 6th (the day our previous camp ended), you should have received an email from us saying that the camps were added to your account.

In case we have missed someone (adding both camps to your profile and sending out the email, is done manually), please reply to this email, so that we can add the camps to your account. The same applies to those members who have completed their installments for the yearly membership!

And of course, if you buy or renew your yearly membership in the next few days, we will add the camps to your account as well!

In case you are not due for renewal yet, but you want to participate in the camps, you can buy the Christmas camp with GM Jacob Aagaard for €99 if you are a member, the New Year Camp with GM Ivan Sokolov for €99, or both for €149!

If you are not a member and you decide you want to participate in the camp, you can buy the Christmas camp with GM Jacob Aagaard for €249, the New Year Camp with GM Ivan Sokolov for €249, or both for €298. With your purchase, a month of membership in Killer chess Training is included.

Become a better chess player by exploring the strategic aspects of epic World Championship matches with the Olympiad-winning captain of Uzbekistan, GM Ivan Sokolov. Diving deep into a few of chess history’s famous rivalries, such as Botvinnik – Tal, Petrosian – Spassky, Karpov – Korchnoi, and Karpov – Kasparov, we will look at how our opening choices are connected to the arising middlegames and how we get to fight them on our terms.
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The topics discussed in the camp will be:
Failure to exploit random chances
Thinking a move is forced
Missing critical moments
Problems with Attacking technique

Poor positional play
a) Weaknesses
b) Piece play
c) Exchanges
d) Prophylaxis
e) Technique
Playing too safe
Trying too hard
Using the wrong tool
Time trouble

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Thank you for another fantastic year and we hope 2023 will be amazing!
Your friends at Killer Chess Training,
Sam, Jacob, and Kallia

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