Dear friends,

Let’s start with the bad news. Friendly Homework 111 has a MISTAKE. It is Black to play in problem 16. It has been updated a few days ago. Apologies to those who downloaded the earlier version.

Also, a mistake in communications gave the wrong details for the Christmas and New Year Camps. The Christmas camp with Jacob Aagaard will be four days and 14 hours, from 23rd to 26th December, while the New Year Camp with Ivan Sokolov will be six days, from 27th December to 1st January. It is correct on the website now.
Members can get each camp for €99 or both for €149.
Everyone who renews their yearly membership or signs up for one gets a camp for free. This one time only, you will get both camps for free!

Good news! A new class will enter your calendar where previously there was a blank open space. NEW IDEAS IN THE OPENING returns. As a start, the opening coach to many GMs and author of several classic opening books, Nikos Ntirlis, will take control. Monday evenings, 18.00 London, starting the week after next.

Our friend Michael Adams has also returned with a new course called PLANNING and will be giving his lessons on Thursdays, whenever he is available.

Last week Liam Putnam made his maiden IM norm in Charlotte, while Max Gedajlovic (previous member) almost made a GM norm. Read more here.

A number of our members are participating in the Indian u15 Championship. IM Shahil Dey is the no 1 seed in the Open section. Mayank is seeded 6th and was leading after six rounds, but sadly lost in round 7. See the games here.
Arshiya is seeded 14th in the Girls’ section. (Arshiya is 12.) Yesterday she was totally winning, but lost her way and then took too many chances, sacrificing a piece in the process. The endgame was then lost, but a clever trick on move 86 restored hope and she made the draw in 142 moves.

Josiah is playing in Mexico City with 2/2 so far and Aradhya is playing in Bangladesh.

Good luck to all! And by the way, did you happen to see the new section on the forum “Meet up for tournaments“?

Your friends at Killer Chess Training,
Jacob, Sam, and Kallia

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