Membership renewals in a time of crisis

Dear members,
We are all aware is a major crisis happening. To some countries and people, this is an immense challenge. We think of our friends from Ukraine and Russia first of all, having their lives affected by a war that they do not support. In other countries, many people fight with their finances due to increasing energy prices.

Many of you have contacted us about renewals because you have to manage your budgets carefully. This is nothing to be ashamed of. Most of us have had periods in life where we had to make difficult choices. For some, this period was decades. Up to this point, if anyone has wanted a subscription to Killer Chess Training, we have offered the chance to pay in installments with 6 monthly memberships. Essentially paying for an extra month. It seemed balanced, as we are not in the financial services industry.
But this autumn, we have decided to make a small change for already existing yearly members who have problems renewing. You can renew by putting the monthly membership up for automatic renewal.
This is only available for yearly membership renewals due in the next 5 months (until the 20th of February 2023). Send us an email saying you will take up the offer, go to the shop today, and start the monthly membership. After 5 monthly payments are done, send us an email and we will upgrade you to a yearly membership (after a further €20 to make the full payment).

Now, let’s focus on chess! Christopher is in the Meltwater Tournament and doing well. Murzin is playing the Russian Super-final. Kirk is playing in Slovenia, and Andre going into the last round of the Portuguese Championship with a half-point lead and a serious chance of defending his title today.

Jacob, Sam, and Kallia

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