Homework Club turns 100!

Under the new system of Homework Club divided into Friendly and Killer Homework, we will reach Week 100 on the 20th of September. To celebrate this, we are working behind the scenes (and not as fast as we would like) on a statistics project, from which we will probably learn very little! But it will be fun.

Both Homework PDFs are submitted. Pay special attention to Friendly 100 – as the previously uploaded version was rather identical to Friendly 97 :frowning:. Jacob apologises deeply.

As an exception this week, we invite you to share the homework with your friends. We will upload both sessions to YouTube later on the 20th.

Please also notice slightly changed timings. Friendly is running over too often, so we will start Friendly at 4 pm and Killer at 5 pm UK time going forward.

Here are the links for you to work on the Killer and Friendly homework before the class on the 20th of September.

Best wishes,

Jacob, Sam, and Kallia

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