Ivan is back and the Olympiad is here!

The Olympiad is starting! Photo from mykhel.com

For those of us not in Chennai at the moment, life is going on as usual!
Many are in the middle of tournaments, so reply and let us know how you did!

For Ivan’s class on the 1st and 3rd of August, you will get the zoom link as usual, but there will not be a video feed, only audio. He is still in Greece and the bandwidth is not good for video.
In the beginning of the class, Ivan will give you a Lichess link via the chat, so that you will be able to see the moves on the board, while having your zoom chat box next to you, so that you can ask questions.
So, we set up the begining 10 minutes earlier than usual, for you to have time to set up.
Kallia will be on standby to help and as usually, the recording will be there afterwards!

Enjoy life!

Your friends from all over the world,
Jacob, Sam, and Kallia

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