4th of July newsletter

Dear members,

Happy Independence Day to all our American friends. We hope that you have a great weekend and that you take this opportunity to treasure all that is good in your life!

We have taken a small break from sending out newsletters due to university exams, tax returns, reporting on the Candidates, camps in the US, and the occasional sunshine. We hope you have not noticed, as you have been busy playing chess!

In case you haven’t heard the news, the Candidates are over. You can read all about it on uschess.org with annotated games by Jacob Aagaard and articles by John Hartmann.

Our chesstempo integration is running well now. If you have not managed to set up your account with us yet, please let us know and we will get it sorted quickly. We have lots of ebooks, giving the material from the classes as well as various opening repertoires.

A lot of members and trainers have been in action. Some of our trainers were working for players in the Candidates Tournament. We think. Or they are off on a beach somewhere without a cell phone connection…

But we have located some people! (Go to the forum and tell us where you are and how you are spending your time!)

Mickey Adams is now World (Senior) Champion and won the Gold also for individual performance! See more here. Mickey, while on the streets of Aqui Terme, met with Brendan, who was playing for Ireland!

Christopher Yoo played in the weekly Chess.com rapid tournament this weekend. In the qualification stage, he won against Aronian and Kramnik. He then won the Quarter and semi-final, before losing a tight match against Dubov.
See more here.

Alexander Motylev won the Prague Open on his birthday, an open in Serbia with 8/9 and is leading another tournament at the time of writing. See more here and here, while Shahil is playing the same event. See here.

Yahli and Simon also played in Prague, as did Sam.

Arshiya is playing in Odessa, in the national u-17 girls.

Mayank and Kushal are playing in a tournament in India. They had a mad game against each other. Both are doing fine. We all know the ratings in India are totally messed up by deflation, so it is virtually impossible to estimate the results by this parameter. See more here.

Sam had covid. On the second day, he shared a video of himself doing pull-ups. Not everyone has had the same recovery trajectory. Stay safe out there!

Lim Zhou Ren tied for first in Pula Open. It was a tough event and a great result.

Jordan went to play in Krakow, which was a tough tournament, where he got to play with some of the best Danish Juniors. It was a result just below par.
You can also find the games on chess24.

Our members Jonas and Jonas had a tough time in a closed GM tournament in Germany. They faced each other in Round 7 and drew. Both have improved a lot over the last 1-2 years and will continue to do so. The road up the mountain also has bumps…

Neil Berry and Andrew Burnett are playing in the Scottish Championship.

Volodar Murzin is playing in the Open Russian Championship.

The World Open in Philadelphia is also taking place now. The website is from the 1980s. Hopefully, people will have done well and show us games on the Forum.

Boris Dimitrijevski played in a weekend event and did well. We will get him to spill the beans eventually…

Jonathan Blackburn played a lot of games in the 4NCL, which just finished. His result was just below par.
A lot of our other members have been playing throughout the season.

Jacob Aagaard will play in a closed GM event in Charlotte at the end of July. Doug Eckert will play in the IM event running simultaneously. Where will you play? Tell us in the forum!

Aradhya wrote an interesting blog post about a Harikrishna game. If you missed it, find it here.

Renier is now a year older and along with Raluca, they will be playing in Benasque.

We hope you are busy playing! If not, you can enjoy the upcoming academy tournament (click here to join). Don’t forget to tell us your email and your real name when signing up for the team here.

Whenever you are, we hope that you are enjoying life! In the social news of the academy, a few members have had babies, and others have gotten married. Congratulations to all!

Your friends at Killer Chess Training,
Kallia, Sam, and Jacob

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