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Dear members,

A few of you have asked to have jacob aagaard as your coach on chesstempo.com, but have not told us that you have done it. If we cannot match a chess tempo handle with your membership, we cannot approve it. Logically.

Raluca has taken over most of the management of the chess tempo side of the academy. You can contact her on [email protected], the same email you are using to contact Kallia.

Elsewhere, Hans has won the Capablanca Memorial with a round to spare and Murzin is leading the Russian Junior Championship with 5/6. Sam will play a blitz event in St Louis. Sabino with 6.5/7 and his teammates won the Italian team championship once again.

Next week Jacob will play in a closed tournament in Charlotte. Other members will be there too, notably, Andy and Ryo will be playing in the D-group. See more here.

Hopefully, a lot of you will be busy with tournaments too. If not, there is always the club championship on lichess this weekend!

Chess is not just about playing tournaments though! We take pride in the fact that Killer Chess Training is our happy place and a way to bring people closer. Doug and Boris are having a small, well-deserved, holiday in Europe. In the last two weeks, Jacob and Kallia were in Spain, playing chess, planning the future and spending quality time with Ivan Salgado, Julen, Renier, Raluca, and Antonio (one of our members who was also playing in the tournament). Chess is a great way to meet great people and be happier! Any upcoming tournaments or fun events in your life? Let us know your plans on the Forum!

Your friends at Killer Chess Training,
Jacob, Kallia, and Sam

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