Tournaments + 2022 Club Championship

Tournaments! See below for the club Championship dates.
Christopher Yoo eliminated Praggnanandhaa in some Internet blitz thingy.
Jacob Aagaard realised he was old when all his opponents were younger than him in Torrevieja, Spain, where both he and Antonio Galiano played well.
Aradhya won the rapid and blitz Delhi state championships with 8/9 in both cases.
Sam will play in America Cup in St Louis starting tomorrow. It is a funny knock-out format. 8 players.
Maybe you played a tournament too and forgot to tell us about it? Or you don’t have a tournament? In that case, here is the solution for you. Announcing the 2022 Club Championship!
All timings are London time. You can enter the tournaments if you are a member of our internal team tournaments account on lichess (yes we have a few).
Go to https://lichess.org/team/killer-chess-training-internal-tournaments to see the tournaments. You have to be a member of the team to play and you have to be a current member of the academy to qualify for the knock-outs. (Yes, lapsed members can play in the heats).
To join the team, as ALWAYS, give your name and membership email.
A code to participate in the tournament will be available half an hour before the tournament start in the messages on lichess. In this way we ensure only members play (cannot be exclusive at the moment for some reason) and also that people do not enter and forget about it.
The timings of all six tournaments are on the page. The first round is on Saturday!

Your friends at Killer Chess Training,

Kallia, Jacob and Sam

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