Playing position with GM Michael Adams TONIGHT!

Dear friends,

Big reminder! Tonight, we will have the Playing Position simul against Michael Adams on lichess 8pm London time. You will get a position from one of Michael’s games and have the chance to beat him.

To sign up follow this twostep process:

1) Join our lichess team for simuls: https://lichess.org/team/killer-chess-training-simul. INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND MEMBERSHIP EMAIL IN THE ENTRY. LATEST 19.45

2) Show up no later than 19.50 (London time – google is your friend!) and sign up for the simul, which will be available on the same link as above. As you are already inside the club, you will automatically be selected.

Remember not to leave or close the browser window once you are in the simul, as it is the same as leaving it. It perhaps should not be so, but it is so.

We will announce the dates of the CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP in rapid in 1-2 days.

6-7 people have asked to have jacob aagaard as their coach on CHESSTEMPO without telling us who you are. This is why you have not been approved.

The change from Newsletters to having individual files for existing courses on chesstempo is an obvious improvement and is slowly getting there. Thanks to Raluca for helping out.

Meanwhile people are in action. Jacob Aagaard will play in Alicante, Spain and at least one other member is here. Americans are playing, Indians are playing and Jacob Sylvan is playing in the top group of the Danish Championship, a closed GM tournament. Jacob is by far the lowest rated, but has done well so far.

Good luck to all in your tournaments! Let us know in the forum where you are playing!

Your friends at Killer Chess Training,

Sam, Kallia and Jacob

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